British National Party Appoints Candidate for Barnsley By-election NOW WITH VIDEO

Enis Dalton, a well-known local community worker, has been appointed the British National Party’s candidate in the forthcoming by-election in Barnsley, organiser Ian Sutton has announced. -

Dan Jarvis-Labours Real Heroes!

Labour seem, again, to have taken the high moral ground as their Publicity Juggernaut rolls into Barnsley for the second by-election in as many months.

Barnsley-A lost Identity

Barnsley's economic future is bleak because of a culture of dependency and a lack of aspiration, a council report claims.

British National Party Activists Converge on Barnsley

British National Party activists have converged on Barnsley this morning to take part in an extended day of action which will culminate in a meeting this afternoon at which the party’s candidate for the upcoming by-election will be announced.

British National Party in Scotland to Launch Manifesto at Formal Event

The British National Party will launch its Scottish manifesto at a formal event on 19 March in preparation for the Scottish Parliament elections in May, regional leader Gary Raikes has announced.

British National Party Barnsley Supporting Our Troops

The continued support for Our Brave and under-resourced Troops continues apace with the British National Party’s campaign Support Our Troops, Bring Them Home...Now !.

‘Bring Our Boys Home’ Petition to be Handed in on 3 March

The British National Party’s ‘Bring Our Boys Home’ petition will be handed in to 10 Downing Street on 3 March this year, party veterans’ officer Pete Molloy has announced. “If you have not yet booked the day off from work, please make sure you do and come along to support this important event,” Mr Molloy said. Prior to the handing in of the petition, the party's veterans' group will hold a service and remembrance parade at the cenotaph in Whitehall.

Moving Forward Together with Enis Dalton and the British National Party

Thursday, 21 April 2011

British National Party UK Broadcast

Friday, 4 March 2011

LibDems candidate Dominic Carman trounced and loses Deposit

Are we sorry?

NO !

For this man as we have pointed out previously attached himself to the LibDems in the hope of a quick launch into Westminster. Now the price has been paid by the LibDems failed Policies and treachery towards their own.

Nick Clegg who is the closest neighbouring MP to Barnsley, conscious of public image, decided not to endorse Carman. Maybe because it was part of a damage limitation exercise or maybe, as we feel, his dislike of Carman junior and that is a bold judgement call when you are Deputy Prime Minister?

However, what is lost is lost and I'm sue that £500.00 is nothing to a Party that continually sends donation begging letters to the Party's mainstay, the OAP's of this Country

And so to the retained deposit and once again solid performance of the British National Party vote.

In a town dominated by Labour Councillors and now a new sitting MP, the Barnsley electorate, despite seeing their towns' economy, employment and infrastructure collapse around them, voted them in again.

It calls to mind the old saying 'You get what you vote for!'

Those that had woken up to the impending disaster provided the British National Party with a rock solid vote, once again. We thank you all for your foresight!

We can understand the underlying feeling and revulsion that still brings the fears of the 70's and the crushing of Nationalised Industry rushing back.

However, time moves forward, not back and times have changed; everything has changed and not, unfortunately, for the best.

There is still much to do and the Leadership that has given us guidance over the last two and a half decades continues to ramp up the pressure.

No, it's true, You dont always see the benefits and the massive swings in public attitude that you want to but I can tell you this we are not living in Africa (although it does sometimes feel like it!) and there will be no Facebook, Twitter, Blog in fact any internet revolution here. So the simple fact is that if you want to see and feel those swings then its YOU that is going to have to create them and I'll repeat it again
Forget the internet. The net is for people who complain a lot but do very little about anything. The couch potato activists.

Now you might think that I'm being a little hypocritical by using the internet to address the issue? That's because there are many out there blogging away thinking that things are going to change with a few 'carefully constructed' lines. Deluded..................thats all I can say on the matter. All it does is give the powerful media's of the Country their headlines to attack and ridicule the fourth most powerful political party in this Country. Very soon we could be the third most powerful party in this Country but if those that have left continue to pursue their own political agenda's in a disarrayed and un-objective manner then Nationalism will become the laughing stock of Britain!

It is time to put away our grievances my friends and fellow Patriots and galvanise behind the Leadership that has brought us from the gutter to this point. We are at a crucial point in Nationalist History do we grasp the opportunity or do we fold and collapse internal just as those once proud and mighty MINERS did many years ago in Barnsley


The Streets are where it happens..........
The call for increased militancy is being sounded.


Moving Forward Together with the
British National Party

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Alf goes off on one again about communists and prisons

Alf Garnett life long 'ammers' supporter and true blue tell's it like it is 'blady communists' and 'avers'

A Message to the Voters of Barnsley Central - Enis Dalton Barnsley by Election

The voters of Barnsley Central have a unique opportunity today to send a clear message to the old gang parties by voting for the British National Party’s positive vision for the future of Britain: a land where there is real economic recovery, where there is honesty and truth in politics and where we are all proud of our nation once again.

By voting for the British National Party today, the electors of Barnsley can send a message to the Labour/Liberal Democrat/Tory elite that that are sick and tired of lies over the economy, bankster bailouts at the expense of the taxpayers, lies over immigration, lies over jobs and welfare, lies over asylum, lies over the EU, lies over foreign aid, lies over the cost of living and lies over the future of our nation.

Today is the day when voters in Barnsley Central can put their crosses next to the name of Enis Dalton, the British National Party’s dynamic and striking candidate. Don’t forget to vote today, and send a message to the Westminster gang:  “We want our country back.”

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Feeling the pinch: Over 50s being crippled by triple whammy of unemployment, dire saving rates and high inflation

The over-50s are being crippled by a triple whammy of unemployment, high inflation and dire savings rates, a damning report reveals today.
Nearly 30 per cent said their standard of living has got worse over the past year, and millions are planning to make personal cutbacks over the next 12 months because they are feeling under financial pressure.
And amid widespread worries about their chances of enjoying a decent retirement, one in four said they are ‘less happy’ than last year.
The results fly in the face of other  surveys in which fifty-somethings claim to be enjoying everything from more leisure to improved love lives as children grow up and family responsibilities recede. The latest report, from Saga, the specialist firm for the over-50s, gives a grim snapshot of the anxieties faced by Britain’s older population. Its findings were based on a major poll questioning 13,000 over-50s about their lives and livelihoods.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

David Miliband and Searchlight kick the Socialist RED plan into action

"Otherwise, the as yet unformed and unidentified party of English or British nationalism could begin to fill the space" 

Where else would the RED plan kick start, but the Left wing Guardian?
That hovel of Socialist, Communist, Trotskyite, Marxist and Anarchist Revolutionary's

Under the Title "Insecurity is fuel for the far right's hate" the failed contender, D. Miliband warbles on about 'needing a demanding pluralism with a common core of shared values', 'an effective bulwark against discord', "latent hostiles", "identity ambivalents" and "cultural integrationists" (and he whines about 'Muscular Liberalism').

However, after all the new and uninteresting closet groupings, he finishes with the following lines:

"Otherwise, the as yet unformed and unidentified party of English or British nationalism could begin to fill the space" 

You must take us for complete imbeciles Mr. Miliband, Searchlight Lowles and Gable?
We've endured decades of your social engineering techniques and we can see them coming almost as soon as you launch them

We already know that the pollsters of this country are manipulated by your various party loyal's and when discussing the numbers of Britons that would support an anti-immigration English nationalist party if it was not associated with violence and fascist imagery the Guardian,
rather than posting pictures of the long established British National Party they post pictures of the secretly funded EDL (an intellectually led, aggressive bunch of football hooligans hell bent on aggressive behaviour complete with Nazi saluting and uniforms.)

The press and especially the tabloids can't get enough of them and the TV commentators seem to be tongue tied and in awe of the 'cheerful little cockney chappy' in his bullet proof shirt.

These people are not a Far Right movement?

They are following the teachings and observations of Chris Harman a commited Socialist and a member of the Central Committee of the Socialist Workers Party.

You can't get any further Left.

I can assure you that any English or British Nationalist movement unformed or unidentified will never usurp the British National Party. The EDL, EFP, ED's or any other such organisations will flounder. 

The peoples Champions are the British National Party. 

We have stood together United against all and sundry and will continue to do so because Nationalism is not something the RED planners can understand or categorise. Nationalism is Freedom, Nationalism is Security, Nationalism is Identity and above all Nationalism is Democracy. 

In the coming Month's you will see the likes of the so called 'unformed' and as yet 'unidentified' British Nationalist groups appearing and staking their claim to represent the people in a wealth of different areas.

Harbouring No Fascist imagery, No Aggression, Moderate Nationalists.

Their mission?

To take away what the British National Party has been fighting for for decades for the people of this land.

Easy as that eh?

Andrew Cooper the Eurosceptic and David Camerons new Broom

In a document, tucked away in the webs archives, entitled 'This Sceptic Isle' ,an article, exploring the possibilities of withdrawal from the EU, by Ruth Lea, Director of the Centre for Policy Studies, reveals a startling coup!

Andrew Cooper, the newly appointed broom of No10 Downing Street and founder and strategic director of Populus the polling company shares his personal views on EU withdrawal.

In discussing the campaign, for withdrawal from the EU, organised by the magazine 'This is England' a question and answer format followed:

Andrew Cooper:
It’s still a minority view but it’s a minority view that has been growing over
recent years according to the polls from probably less than a third of British
voters saying that Britain should pull out … a few years ago … to more than
40% in many polls now. And in our poll in the last European Election, we
found firstly a large majority of people would like there to be a referendum
on the question whether Britain should stay in or not stay in. And …that if
there were a referendum, only just under a half say that they would vote to
pull out, and only just over a half would vote to stay in.

Ruth Lea:
And which voters are keenest to leave?

Andrew Cooper:
Among certain sections of the population there are more people who want to
pull out than who want to stay in. That’s slightly more women want to pull
out than want to stay in, if there were a referendum. Among semi-skilled and
unskilled workers, by quite a wide margin, more want to pull out than to stay
in, and among Conservative voters, by a margin of twelve per cent. Fortyseven
per cent would say that they would vote to pull out; thirty-five per cent
say they would vote to stay in if there were a referendum.

Ruth Lea:
You can hear views like these expressed not only at political meetings but in
pubs, work places and homes all over the country. How often however, are
they heard from the residents of the political village at Westminster?

Andrew Cooper:
The political establishment in Westminster thinks in a sense that it’s sort of
prima facie sign of madness to imply that Britain can pull out of Europe and
go it alone. It’s one of those sort of unchallenged truths of politics. But it’s
clearly the case that the three main parties in this country (the political
mainstream) share a sort of liberal establishment view that Britain must be in
the EU. It’s unthinkable for them to say, it’s unsayable that we might pull

Ruth Lea:
Although of course there are dissidents.

Andrew Cooper:
There’s no doubt there are a lot of Conservative activists, there’s a lot of
Conservative MPs, there are probably quite a lot of Labour MPs, whose
private view is that either that we should pull out or that we will almost
inevitably reach the point when we have to pull out … because of the terms
on which membership will increasingly change. I suppose one could say that
is a suppressed view in the sense that it’s a view that they honestly feel, but
don’t feel that it’s possible to air that thought, because the climate is one in
which it’s unthinkable. It’s almost sort of, it’s de facto proof of, unsoundness
of mind and unfitness for office. It’s not something which in the British
political culture is acceptable to say within the mainstream, which is odd
given that it’s a view which is taken by such a large minority of the voters.


Well? So what? Just another Eurosceptic?

No ! This is a man on a mission. A mission brought about by the lobbying of the British National Party MEP's in Brussels. Connections are vital in Europe and when you have as many friends and connections as the two British National Party MEP's then things happen !

Let's have a video?

Has it dropped yet? The penny I mean? Conservatives Ministers acceding to British National Party Lobbying?
Whats happening in Europe?

Moving Forward Together with Enis Dalton
and the British National Party

Jane Collins UKIP- activist exposes himself in public!

An election candidate who is campaigning for cleaner streets has been left embarrassed after a party activist was spotted peeing on a residential street.

The man was wearing a UKIP rosette when he was caught short and relieved himself on Lane Head Close, Staincross.

He was one of a team which had been delivering leaflets on behalf of candidate Jane Collins who is standing for UKIP in the Barnsley Central by-election.
Shop owner Imran Razak, 36, lives on the street and was shocked when he saw the man urinating. He says he was not discreet.

"I was shocked, especially when he turned around and had a rosette on. I approached him and he said he really needed to go. That's all he kept saying.
"When you're representing a political party you don't want to be seen doing things like that. If that's what they think to Barnsley then they have no right to be part of the election.

"I have a daughter who's 11. The last thing I want her to see is a grown man in the street urinating."

Mr Razak, who runs an off-licence on Derwent Road, Athersley South, said he contacted UKIP about the incident and he informed the police. Officers have spoken to Mrs Collins about the incident.

Lisa Duffy is UKIP campaign manager and admitted the incident was an embarrassment and said she had apologised profusely to Mr Razak.

She said the man, who is in his 80s and has a bladder complaint, tried to conceal himself between two van doors. Other activists washed away his urine, she said.

"We have asked him not to campaign again unless in the vicinity of public toilets. It's something Jane is very upset about. It's completely embarrassing.
He wanted to support the campaign. she added.

"We weren't aware he had a medical condition. It's terribly unfortunate and Jane is mortified.
"It's really quite distressing."

As part of her manifesto Mrs Collins promises to keep the streets cleaner.

The Heart of Britain-Barnsley by Election-British National Party-So We Are Attractive Are We?

So, the 'classy' research survey that has recently been plucked out of the ether by the Daily Mail amongst others stating that Right Wing Politicians are more attractive is used as the centre piece of an equally 'classy' piece of Journalism.

Within the last few days there have been many press releases talking of the popularity of 'Right Wing this' and 'Right Wing that.'

In fact you'd think that everyone was jumping into bed with the British National Party we've become so loved.................and that the people of Britain have decided that Right of Centre Politics is for me?

Why even activists within the Party must be thinking 'this is it!' this is the big breakthrough that we've been waiting for. The papers are backing the British National Party, surveys are coming out one after another praising Right of Centre Politics, and the EDL are free to chase away all the Muslims and Antifascist supporters.

So,whats the problem?

The problem my friends is that everything is emanating from the centre of the Communist, Marxist, Socialist and Anarchist Ivory Tower. That of Gerry Gables Searchlight Organisation.


It is my belief that Searchlight, together with the Guardianistas and other Media/Establishment figures, are looking to portray the Right of Centre as a new class or group structure.

It is a very clever and 'attractive' ploy as it reaches into the very psyche of Human Nature with it's imagery and media coverage.

The Left or the 'REDS', social engineers if you like, have always, as a group, linked together under the umbrella of the big RED, the Labour Party. Although holding opposed ideologies each of the lefty organisations shelter under the umbrella each waiting for the day when the Revolution takes hold. Sadly for them their day, if there ever was one, has passed and so they sit under their umbrella hoping and dreaming.

'If we could only remove the British National Party then we might have a chance', they cry!

Try they do and fail on an ever increasing basis.

However, I like this latest one as it shows a real depth of thought rather than sending the usual grunts out with their purple banners and their silly racist chants.

They say that you can lead a bull to water but you cant make it drink.

Yes you can try and lead the public's perception but you cant always predict the outcome?

This is probably the most dangerous powergame in British History.

If the REDS win the British National Party and the Conservatives will be seen to be reprehensible to the working class as they will be associated with Thatcher and the Tories, self obsession and becoming the middle to upper class pacifiers supporting National protectionism. The RED PLAN is also laying down the psychological link and public perception of the Liberal Democrats i.e. pictures of Ed Balls alongside those of Vince Cable described as unattractive. Seeking the public sympathy as the unattractive, working class heroes. As for Searchlights contribution, with the Socialist structure of Labour Policy and the Human Rights/EU lovers of the Liberal Democrats they are well placed to reap any benefits that may be forthcoming.

If the RED,WHITE and BLUES win the Labour Party and all it's ideological undergraduates will collapse and the void will never again be filled. Labour are Bankrupt as a Party and as a Policy maker. They are now struggling for their very survival as a Party. With an inadequate speaker/orator at their head and the wannabe in the wings Ed Balls Labour are struggling for support even from their main financiers and backers, the Unions. This is why, I believe that, Labour are aligning themselves to the Liberal Democrats as they know full well that any future elections are going to require their services in both funding and representatives/candidates and as many councils up and down the country will report there are a healthy contribution of both parties.

It was already intimated by certain Union Leaders that financial support would not be forthcoming, as everyone struggles financially, in a post Labour Administration.

There is nothing attractive about what is to come in Britain's beleaguered County, District and Regional Council cuts and of course it was never going to be the right time to take on a new 5 yr term at No.10 but take it on the Coalition did. Now they must take the consequences of that action. I am not about to praise either of the Coalitions Policies and I particularly deplore the traitorous behaviour of the Liberal Democrats towards their party faithful and betrayal of UK students alike. However, the fact remains that Labour borrowed,borrowed and borrowed again until the final incongruity; the sale of Gold Reserves.

So, are the British National Party truly attractive? Yes, I believe so!

  • Their Policies are sound
  • Their Pride and National Identity is unquestionable
  • Their belief in a Britain for Indigenous British Citizens is unshakeable
  • and Their Love for their Country is represented by their Heart shaped British logo

Moving Forward Together with Enis Dalton
and the British National Party

Monday, 28 February 2011

Populus Limited-Too many migrants are bad for the UK

Well thanks Populus for recognising and confirming what the British National Party has been saying for decades!

Now whilst we're about it

It's all a bit of a plan isn't it? One that none of us are supposed to see through?

You fools! You're playing with fire and you,not us,will get your fingers burnt! Dilute Nationalism with your namby pamby E.D's,Pepsi's BFP and the rest of them. You don't understand Nationalists at all!

Bring it on!

Moving Forward Together with Enis Dalton
and the British National Party

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